Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

A coalition of organizations in the Treasure Valley who partner with the IRS to:

  • Provide FREE, secure, and high-quality tax return preparation services to qualified taxpayers.

  • Operate in-person and virtual tax preparation sites year-round.

  • Train community volunteers and students to become IRS certified tax preparers.

Who Are We?

VITA is run by a coalition of Treasure Valley Organizations that partner with the IRS to provide FREE tax preparation services to Idaho taxpayers.

Boise State University’s Department of Accountancy faculty provide the oversight and administration of the program.

Members of the partnership include:

Do I qualify for free services?

FREE tax preparation services are available to taxpayers with:

  • Annual individual or family income of $64,000 or less
  • Self-employed taxpayers operating a cash-based business with expenses less than $25,000 and no depreciable assets
  • Unfiled prior-year tax returns
  • Returns that need to be amended
  • Learn more about current requirements.

We prepare basic tax returns with common income sources and basic credits and deductions. We do not prepare returns for taxpayers who want to use the married filing separately status at any of our sites.

Certain tax situations are out of our scope as designated by VITA program requirements and/or require a higher tax certification level than achieved by our volunteers.

The free help is intended for senior citizens and people with low to moderate incomes who have simple federal and Idaho tax returns.  Learn more about how to obtain free tax assistance.

Please note: If we do not have all the required tax documents, we cannot complete the tax return.

Do I need to file?

Taxpayers must file a tax return if:

  • You earn more than the standard deduction based on your filing status.
  • For 2023 – single or married filing separately $13,850; head of household $20,800; married filing jointly $27,700
  • The standard deduction is higher for taxpayer(s) 65 and older and/or blind
  • Self-employed individuals with income greater than $400.

It can often be beneficial to file a tax return if:

  • you had taxes withheld from your paycheck or other income source.
  • you are eligible for credits, such as the earned income credit, child tax credit, and saver’s credit.
  • you are eligible for the Property Tax Reduction Program in Idaho or another state and are required to submit a tax return.

Are you still unsure if you need to file? The IRS Interactive Tax Assistant can help you decide.

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